Our Work

Making Multiculturalism Work is based in the multicultural experiment of the Greater Toronto Area. It was founded and incorporated in 2017 by Sabrina Di Marco, a bicultural Canadian (Italian father and mother from the Commonwealth of Dominica), multilingual, international woman of colour. MMW helps organizations capitalize on their cultural diversity. Piloted by the Canadian model, MMW seeks to bring multicultural success to communities around the world!

MMW’s work showcases immigrant and multicultural experiences across the country and around the world. We build from researched lessons learned and success factors to gain a more guided and purposeful understanding of the impact of culture and identity in our daily lives.

MMW offers: a Youtube Channel, community discussion forums, publications, educational programs, corporate trainings and consultations; toward the growth of a society empowered by diversity and the building of a stable and productive world!

MMW’s mission is to:

  • Stimulate and support multicultural synergy
  • Connect us through our common human experiences
  • Share stories that build respect and understanding
  • Unleash the gifts of our identities beyond the racist rhetoric
  • Research and disseminate lessons learned and success factors
  • Learn from global multicultural models

Our work is driven by our core values:

  • Strong and participatory methodologies are the basis for all findings; including quantitative and qualitative data, stories, and case studies
  • Respect for all culture’s inherent value
  • Respect for individuals even where disagreements exist or values conflict
  • Human rights including women’s rights and First Nations, Inuit, and Métis rights
  • Analysis and voice from the perspective of the common human experience

Overall, our Objective is to:

Empower audiences, building synergies and gaining a sense of shared understanding from relatable relationships and the life experiences throughout diverse cultures and multicultural society.