Academic Studies

My academic work has given me the opportunity to understand the impact of policy applied and the themes of: sustainable development, entrepreneurship, gender equality, and governance. I have an appreciation and sense of responsibility toward our society and the Nature of which we are part.

Pic of me at Yosemite

My Bachelor in Environmental Studies (Hons.) informed and integrated theory into practical contribution. It inspired win-win approaches, identifying and encouraging the advantages possible by way of: innovation, participation, sustainability, and partnerships. Born from an entrepreneurial venture, in 1995 we implemented the Official Youth Program Celebrating the Fiftieth Anniversary of the United Nations, at the UN Headquarters in New York. Conference panelists responded to online questions as well as those from 200 youth representing organizations in 115 countries. Over the years I contributed to a total of four conferences; which lead to institutional partnerships with the UN. This experience was studied as my undergraduate thesis entitled Leaders-in-Training: YOUTH IN ACTION supervised by Dean David V.J. Bell.

During my Master in Business Administration, I further explored networks and the dynamics of information, resources, and decision-making. This research illustrated federal program results in partnership with a fisherman’s association in Atlantic Canada. It was reported in the form of a Master’s memoire entitled, Innovative Networks in Resource Management under the supervision of Dr. Jean Paul Vanderlinden; and accompanied studies in: strategy, negotiations, presentation, accounting, finance, and marketing.