Real Estate Broker

My work as Real Estate Broker in the Greater Toronto Area brings me in practical truth with the financial affects of multicultural cooperation and understanding. Deals are made by people, people who bring their values, customs, and most importantly understanding of the world with them into a transaction. I have seen deals made and deals broken because of this.

My brokerage, J.D.M. Realty Ltd., Brokerage ( is based in Vaughan; and I take on clients and complete transactions throughout the GTA. My principle business is residential and local, but often serve those same clients with their commercial and international needs. J.D.M. Realty Ltd., Brokerage was incorporated in 1977. We are a boutique, full service brokerage, repeatedly serving families and investors for over 40 years. Our company’s family of clients and friends receive regular monitoring and guidance pertaining to their real estate holdings. I am proud and pleased that over the years our client’s investments have proven successful and continue to grow in value.